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Access Controls

ReactiveDoors Ltd provide you with a complete bespoke design with a full installation service to meet your specific requirements.

Access Control systems allow your premises to control, monitor and restrict entry of people or cars in and around your site.

Not only do access controls systems help to prevent loss or damage to your property it can also help reduce the risk of personal injury to staff and visitors.

Here at ReactiveDoors Ltd we are able to supply and fit a number of types of access controls whether you need to control a single entrance door or a larger complex.

An access controller is generally a keypad, card reader or biometric reader combined with some form of credentials to help identify people. Combined they are able to identify and allow only authorised visitors or staff to enter your building.

To find out more about having access controls installed to your property contact us today and speak to one of our team members who will be happy to organise a visit your site for a free survey.