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Automatic Doors Milton Keynes

The complete Automatic door service in Milton Keynes

Automatic Doors Milton Keynes

Here at Reactive Doors Ltd, we specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of automatic doors in Milton Keynes.

With every project we take on, we provide a free site survey, where our expert engineers can advise on the best type of automatic door system for your premises.

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Automatic sliding doors

Automatic Sliding Doors Milton Keynes
Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors provide a space saving, elegant and modern solution and can be implemented where the width of the doorway needs to be maximised.

We are able to supply glass sliding doors, which are best utilised in areas where you need to make the most of natural lighting.

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Automatic swing doors

Automatic Swing Doors Milton Keynes
Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors provide easier access where manual operation becomes difficult due to the heaviness of the door or to enhance disabled access.

In many cases, we are able to automate your existing manual doors without complication.

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Automatic telescopic doors

Automatic Telescopic Doors Milton Keynes
Telescopic Doors

Automatic telescopic doors provide a stylish and sophisticated automated door system. We are able to install automatic telescopic doors as either single or two leaf models with two or four sliding leaves.

They are best utilised where your premises has a wide opening. As they require less interior wall space they allow for a larger opening than a standard sliding door.

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Safe and Secure

Safety is paramount with all of the projects that we take on. All of the automatic doors that we supply, come with sensors that are able to detect any obstructions and slow or stop the doors from trapping. All of our projects meet the current regulations governing automatic doors in accordance with BS EN16605 and BS7036 and complies with the latest DDA regulations.

Automatic Doors in Milton Keynes

With more than 30 years experience in the industry, we utilise our experience to provide an unrivalled service with every project we take on in Milton Keynes. Whenever we are required to do so, we always go the “extra mile” to ensure we can meet the high expectations of our customers.

For more information on our complete automatic door service in Milton Keynes, contact us today and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.